Children's Poster Contest

The winners of the 2020 GGAF Children's Poster Contest have been announced. Prizes will be awarded November 7, 2:00, at the Children's Stage in Bartram Park.


Since our local schools are in a learn-from-home mode, we’re changing up how our Children’s Poster Contest entries are submitted this year. Download the form below, create the artwork at home, and email us a photo of your student’s creation.

The Contest

  • The children's poster design contest is only open Escambia and Santa Rosa county children ages 4 – 11. 
  • The Chairman's Choice Award will be $100 to the child with the winning design, plus the winning poster will be printed.
  • There will be two First Place Award divisions, one $50 award for ages 4 – 7 and one $50 award for ages 8 – 11.
  • Plus, the next ten great poster entries will each win $20 for Honorable Mention. 
  • All winning poster designs also receive a copy of the poster, a certificate of excellence, and will be displayed at GGAF!


This year's theme is “Home Sweet Home” 

  • Each child, ages 4 – 11, may enter only once. 
  • Print page 2. Interpret the theme any way you wish. The design may include realistic or abstract items/ideas/design. 
  • Intense, neat, colored pencil work best for a printed poster. Use bold colors! No markers or crayons.  
  • Create a fun, simple, imaginative design with bright colors to look good on a poster. 
  • Designs that are too small, too busy, or too light don’t reproduce well.  Color intensely so it will print well. 
  • Extra words or letters are not necessary, but you may add text if you wish. 
  • Work deemed inappropriate for an elementary-age poster contest will not be judged.

Deadline: May 15, 2020

  • Only one photographed entry will be accepted. Late entries are not accepted.

Entry Details

  • IMPORTANT: Neatly print all the requested information before you take a photo of the finished poster design.
  • Please clearly print the child's first and last name, age, grade, parent/guardian first and last name(s) on the entry so we can report accurate information. Entries without all the information will not be judged.
  • Take a good picture of the one design with the info- make sure all four sides are even with the sides of the camera.
  • Email the picture to Kelly Strozier, All the top entries will be notified in May.


Saturday, November 7, 1:45
Meet Kelly at 1:45 in the Student Art tent—the big tent in Bartram Park by the bay.  
Winners and their parents/guardians will be recognized at the Children’s Stage in Bartram Park during the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival weekend. Invite all your family and friends to the awards ceremony!

Poster Entry Form