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Mainstage Schedule

Live musicians hit the right notes on the Main Stage with sounds ranging from bluegrass to Cajun and blues to jazz and classical.

Friday, November 2, 2018

10 am Patchouli
1 pm Nu Blu
3 pm Soul Station
4 pm Port of Call

Saturday, November 3, 2018

10 am Patchouli
11 am Tanya Gallagher
12:30 pm The Arcadian Wild
2 pm The Way Down Wanderers
3:30 pm Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Noon Tanya Gallagher
1:30 pm The Pensacola Symphony Orchestra
3:00 pm Cat Daddy Blues Band


Main Stage Lineup

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Patchouli and Terra Guitarra is master guitarist Bruce Hecksel and singer-songwriter, guitarist Julie Patchouli. They represent the very top echelon of today's acoustic performers, bringing the highest level of skill together with the passion, experience and joy that are a rare combination indeed.

Their soulful fusion of blazing Spanish and world guitar instrumentals, spine tingling vocal harmonies, and epic folk rock anthems are infused with a visible onstage chemistry. An extraordinary bond is immediately apparent as two guitars merge into one acoustic wall of sound and their innovative, percussive flat-picking and hybrid fingerstyle techniques leave even astute listeners wondering where the drummer is. Website

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Founded at Pensacola’s Washington High School in 2015, Soul Station plays a variety of styles, including funk, smooth jazz and blues.   The band features trumpeter Andrew Conner, his twin brother Aundre, the bassist, and saxophonist Noah Hall, with drummer Chase Rogers, and pianist Bryce Lyublanovits.  Check out this nice article from the Pensacola News Journal.  Website

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Led by drummer and percussionist Fred Domulot, expect a variety of jazz and jazz-influenced tunes.

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Hailing from Siler City, NC, the textbook definition of a picturesque small southern town, Nu-Blu’s heart and soul is husband-and-wife duo, Daniel and Carolyn Routh. Carolyn’s caramel-coated soprano is one of the band’s defining traits, at times a tender lullaby, at times a freight train headed straight for you, but always unwinding a surprising tale. Daniel is the group’s backbone, a multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist who also handles band management. Calder Baker on banjo and Justin Harrison on fiddle/mandolin round out the quartet’s warm, layered, American roots sound that builds to a full country sound. Together they deliver upbeat, blazing-fingers pick work just as well as gentle, heartwarming ballads and they do it all with a natural togetherness that can’t be faked, forged over hundreds of shows on the road.   Website

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"Atop gentle guitar picking and vocal harmonies, Gallagher’s soft, lilting tone and slight twang create a picturesque map of the state, from Norfolk to Richmond to Floyd, as told through the eyes of a hot and cold romance." - Emma Schkloven, The Burg
A little town in the Florida panhandle may be the only true home to Southern songstress Tanya Gallagher, but her music spans the country from the coastal plains of the Gulf of Mexico into the far reaches of the Pacific Northwest.
Born and raised near the Florida-Alabama line, she spent her formative years along the Gulf Coast studying environmental science and working odd jobs whilst fine-tuning her song-writing skills. Her 2013 release, Oh My Love, reveals beautifully crafted melodies and thoughtful folky refrains, enough to garner the attention of both her US and Canadian peers. Collaborating and performing alongside fellow wordsmiths, her song-writing conveys the honesty and wisdom of a woman who is beginning to establish a musical identity all her own, yet one still rooted in the soulful folky crooners who have paved the way before her.

 With her calming voice, an acoustic guitar, Gallagher uprooted and moved from Pensacola, Florida to Vancouver, BC in the fall of 2013 to pursue a PhD in Landscape Ecology and continue songwriting. Website

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The Arcadian Wild began in the fall of 2013 when a few choir students from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN met up after class to jam for the afternoon. Five years later, the band now consists of guitarist Isaac Horn and mandolinist Lincoln Mick, who together explore a unique acoustic sound that is simultaneously unified and diverse. Inspired by artists who seek to blend folk and formal music, The Arcadian Wild offers up songs of invitation; calls to come and see, to find refuge and rest, or to journey and wonder. Website

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Often referred to by fans as one of the hardest-working, hardest-touring bands on the circuit today, the 5-piece Illinois-based act not only proves that classification with their jam-packed tour schedule but also on stage every night, with youthful exuberance and a lively stage show, as reliable as it is infectious. Music enthusiasts are not the only ones taking note. Critics and tastemakers alike have awarded the young artists an impressive number of accolades; they are no strangers to the festival circuit either, having played major National and Regional Festivals all across the United States, Canada and the UK.   Lead singer song-writers, Collin (mandolin and fiddle) and Austin (guitar and keys) met in their hometown of Peoria, IL in 2012, when the two were just 14 and 17 years old. From there, a brotherly friendship formed that evolved through various other projects and into a collaborative, song-writing partnership that would ultimately form The Way Down Wanderers in 2014. Illinois natives, John Williams (bass and vocals) and John Merikoski (drums) would join the group later that year.   Self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Travis Kowalsky (guitar and banjo) of Northern Michigan, the 5th member to join the Wanderers, exhibits a humble low key stage presence that contrasts sharply with his bold and masterful solos. “There’s really nothing more humbling than discovering that one of our songs meant something in somebody’s life -  that it helped them through a tough time, or inspired them to do something meaningful that they may have been holding back on. So the goal for us really is to put more songs out there that inspire people and to play them for a growing and diverse audience.”  Website

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Growing up in a Creole-speaking home in St. Martinville, Nathan eagerly sought out the music of Zydeco originators such as Clifton Chenier. Later, while recovering from a serious illness, Nathan decided to dedicate himself to learning the accordion. That dedication blossomed into an illustrious career, which now spans three decades The music of Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-Chas is the expression of a remarkable South Louisiana family. Dennis Paul Williams, Nathan’s brother, brings his jazz-influenced guitar chops to the band. He’s also a well-known painter whose work has been shown throughout the country, and has recently published a collection of his work. The eldest Williams brother, Sid ‘El Sid O’ Williams, is a Lafayette legend unto himself, and Zydeco would never have survived into the new millennium without him.   Nathan formed The Cha-Chas back in 1985, and since then has brought his unique take on this regional South Louisiana music to all corners of the globe. From Lincoln Center in New York to The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Nathan’s music has crossed all barriers to speak to the very heart of his audience. Website

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In 1926, a group of dedicated Pensacolians joined together to share their talent and passion for music. Their first performance as the Pensacola Philharmonic Orchestra and Military Band was a free concert held in the Pensacola High School auditorium. The show earned high accolades from the community and made it clear that Pensacola was hungry for exceptional music. These humble beginnings ignited a spark that would become the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra (PSO).

Over the next couple of decades, the Orchestra experienced tremendous expansion and the pains that often accompany such growth. PSO did not have a space of its own and continued to perform at Pensacola High School, Blount Junior High School, Pensacola Junior College, and area churches. In 1956, with unparalleled community support, the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra purchased Sacred Heart Cathedral located on the corner of 9th and Jackson Streets. The move signaled the permanence of our stay in the community.

Twenty-six years later, in 1982, PSO moved into the recently renovated Saenger Theatre. The new venue allowed then conductor, Dr. Grier Williams, to share his musical vision with a larger audience and the stage was set to solidify the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra as an integral part of cultural arts in Pensacola.

PSO has continued to grow and increase its presence in Pensacola and the surrounding communities. The Pensacola Symphony it is dedicated now more than ever to ensure live symphonic music reaches as many listeners as possible. Engaging enrichment programs bring the PSO to students of all ages, spreading enthusiasm through free concerts, special programs for families, and involvement with other community and cultural arts initiatives. Website

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Ed "Drummer Dude" and I formed a power trio in 1996 called Insidious. In 2000 we changed the band's name to Cat Daddy to better reflect our catalog of music. About 8 years ago a friend told me about the Blues Society of Northwest Florida hosting live music and jams every Monday night, so I went, and that's all she wrote. The current lineup of the Cat Daddy Blues Band is; Jim "Cat Daddy" Richmond on guitar and vocals, Ed "Drummer Dude" Hattabaugh on percussion and vocals, John "Johnny B" Barksdale on the harp and flute, and Howie "Low End" Erskine on Bass. The Blues is a lifestyle. It's our business, and business is good! Website

Music on the Mainstage Music on the Mainstage