Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival

The Art Show

The Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival is a juried art show. Each year, we receive more than 600 applications for the festival. Each applicant is required to submit three images of their work and one image of their display area along with their application. Qualified jurors are shown each artist's images simultaneously and anonymously, and collectively choose more than 200 artists who will be invited to exhibit their work. Best of Show, Awards of Distinction, Awards of Excellence, Awards of Honor, and Awards of Merit winners from the previous year’s festival are exempt from the jurying process.

The artists compete for a total of $25,000 in prize money in categories including ceramics, drawing, fiber/leather, glass, jewelry, mixed media, oil/acrylic, photography, printmaking/graphics, sculpture, watercolor and wood.

This family oriented festival is ranked in the top 50 Fine Art Shows in the nation by Sunshine Artist Magazine and is listed in the Top 20 Events in the Southeast (November, 2014) by the Southeast Tourism Society.


The 2015 Judges are Carol Leake and Sherrie Riley Hawk.

Carol Leake is known for her figurative watercolors, her landscapes in oil, and her depictions of Mardi Gras, which so particularly define New Orleans. She taught painting, drawing and watercolor as a member of the visual arts faculty of Loyola University in New Orleans from 1982 through 2015. She also ran two galleries for Loyola and curated many exhibitions for the university and others. Leake's work has been shown regionally and nationally and is represented in numerous corporate and private collections including BellSouth, Texaco and Citibank. Her M.F.A is from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY; her B.F.A. is from Newcomb College. New Orleans has been her home for most of her life.

Sherrie Riley Hawk is a graduate of The Ohio State University with dual degrees in Accounting and Art History. She opened the Riley Hawk Gallery in 1986, which represented artists working in glass including Dale Chihuly, Lino Tagliapietra and William Morris. In 2004, Sherrie opened a new gallery committed to exhibiting national and regional artists working in ceramics, glass, wood, jewelry and contemporary art in Columbus, Ohio. The Sherrie Gallery participates in national art fairs throughout the country including the SOFA exhibitions and Art Palm Beach. Sherrie has curated exhibitions for the Columbus Museum of Art, Springfield Museum and the Canton Art Museum, and has served as juror for numerous museum exhibitions, art fairs and organizations. She enjoys lecturing at universities and arts organizations about the gallery-artist relationship.


2015 Exhibiting Artists


Booth Location  
Al Clement WARHOL 29  
Greg Neal ROCKWELL 1 website
Guadalupe Robinson LEWIS 11  
Harry Welsch DALI 12 website
Patrick and Hil-Dee Bates WARHOL 22 website
Timothy Sullivan PICASSO 12 website
Steven Olszewski DEGAS 11  
Mikyung Cunningham PICASSO 6 website
Shadow May DALI 2 website
Craig McMillin WARHOL 18 website
lou courtney WARHOL 28  
Chuck Solberg DEGAS 6 website
Don McWhorter RENOIR 3  
Fred Wiesener TURNER 3  
Lynn Fisher DARBY 3 website
Tim Peters PICASSO 16  
Ed Brownlee DALI 5  
Santiago Gutierrez ROCKWELL 6 website
John Kellum TURNER 6 website
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Patrick Reynolds ROCKWELL 14 website
Randal Spangler RODIN 21 website
Marie Rust RODIN 16 website
Will Armstrong TURNER 11 website
Alain Bathelot DALI 3  
Carol Ferony DALI 7 website
Christina Smith RODIN 11 website
Jon Guillame LEWIS 10 website
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Lynn Langhoff DARBY 7 website
Gloria McRoberts RODIN 10 website
Leslie Wright DALI 4  
Maureen Roberts ROCKWELL 2 website
Mary McFarland TURNER 20  
Diane Perry ROCKWELL 12  
Marvin Bower PICASSO 39 website
Jan Mayer RODIN 3  
Mary Sly RODIN 17  
Traci Paden DEGAS 16 website
Horace Thomas PICASSO 8/9 website
Kate Beck RODIN 19/20 website
Billie Barthelemy PICASSO 19 website
steve edgar EPSTEIN 10 website
Robert Dachenhausen MIRO 4 website
Lori Lupe Pelish WARHOL 27 website
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Debi Dwyer DARBY 4 website
Scott Hartley DALI 10/11 website
Paula Marksbury DEGAS 8  
Randy Kuntz ROCKWELL 3  
Douglas and Renee Sigwarth DEGAS 5 website
James Sanders LEWIS 4  
Andrew Shea PICASSO 18 website
Shawn Bungo DARBY 12 website
Steve Palmer PICASSO 29 website
Richard Ryan MIRO 8 website
Kirk Miller RODIN 7  
Douglas Becker MIRO 2  
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katrin wolf PICASSO 5 website
Angela Welti ROCKWELL 4  
Michael Stephens EPSTEIN 8 website
Maggie Joynt PICASSO 13 website
Joseph Cyberski DARBY 8 website
Denise DiGiglia ROCKWELL 15 website
Jonathon Stopper ROCKWELL 8  
wendy edwards PICASSO 33 website
John Cockle EPSTEIN 5 website
Monika Fairchild TURNER 2 website
A. Denise Rollings-Martin RODIN 9 website
Marek Majewski DARBY 13  
Elaine Rader DEGAS 3 website
Cathryn Martinez WARHOL 13  
Deborah Armstrong TURNER 10 website
Janet Campbell MIRO 13  
Jayne DeMarcay RENOIR 9 website
Martha Banting DALI 9  
John Mroczek WARHOL 10 website
Sharon Johnston DARBY 10 website
michael dandrea TURNER 18 website
Linda Hobdy WARHOL 24 website
Jeff Goodwin DARBY 2 website
Obayana Ajanaku RODIN 4  
Barbara Laffal DEGAS 13  
Antoni Kozlowski TURNER 15 website
Joan Michlin WARHOL 2 website
Kathi Gordon MIRO 9 website
phillip hall PICASSO 7  
Kathy Brennan MIRO 14 website
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Mixed Media

Tiffany Ownbey DALI 8 website
Mindy Rhoads PICASSO 14  
Sarah Collier PICASSO 23 website
David Vigo DARBY 9 website
Sandi Stewart DALI 6  
Ron & Liv Colbert PICASSO 31/32 website
Kana Handel EPSTEIN 11 website
James Floyd ROCKWELL 5 website
H.C. Porter MIRO 6 website
Jan Byron DARBY 5 website
Wayne Gao ROCKWELL 10  
Leslie Emery RODIN 6 website
Su Griggs Allen WARHOL 11 website
tony krysinsky RENOIR 6/7 website
Chris Cumbie TURNER 4 website
Brad Devlin DEGAS 7 website
Joyce McAdams WARHOL 21 website
fred rettig MIRO 17/18  
Marlow Gates DEGAS 2 website
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Charles Gatewood PICASSO 27  
Danny O'Driscoll MIRO 11 website
Martin Figlinski PICASSO 11 website
Leon Ruiz LEWIS 12 website
Alan (X.L) Lin TURNER 7 website
Anne Marie Milligan DARBY 1 website
Charles Tersolo RODIN 5 website
larry smith PICASSO 37 website
John Maurer TURNER 13 website
Jeannie Maddox LEWIS 1/2 website
Bill Turner PICASSO 21 website
Stephen Dickerson DEGAS 12 website
Joey Blazek DARBY 6 website
Heather McGee PICASSO 4  
Mike Brown WARHOL 19 website
Bruce Peeso TURNER 8 website
Jude Pokorny TURNER 9 website
Linda Bean WARHOL 26 website
GW Arseneau RENOIR 8 website
Lin Martinique-Whittaker TURNER 1 website
David Skinner DALI 1 website
Nancy Tome LEWIS 9 website
Steve Andrews EPSTEIN 3 website
Jon Smith LEWIS 7 website
Melissa Dominiak PICASSO 15 website
Jinsheng Song WARHOL 14 website
Joan Lamb TURNER 16 website
Cindy Capehart MIRO 3 website
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Greg Turco PICASSO 17 website
Glen and Gayle Wans LEWIS 5 website
Russell Grace MIRO 10 website
Christopher Doherty RENOIR 2 website
Tom Clements PICASSO 40/41 website
Robert Jones DALI 14 website
Steven Exley TURNER 12  
Doug Cavanah PICASSO 35/36 website
H.J. Herrera PICASSO 10 website
Allen Jones LEWIS 3 website
Bernard Blekfeld WARHOL 5  
Marie Gruber PICASSO 20 website
R. C. Fulwiler TURNER 5 website
Michael Cothran LEWIS 14 website
Robert Copeland RODIN 13 website
Andrew Mosedale EPSTEIN 2 website
Dick Cunningham RODIN 8 website
Michael Jasinski ROCKWELL 9  
Richard Auger WARHOL 8/9 website
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john davis DEGAS 10 website
Kreg Yingst PICASSO 2 website
Michael Bond WARHOL 7 website
Anne Wooster ROCKWELL 13 website
Brett Miley WARHOL 17 website
Gillian Kemper DEGAS 15  
Larry & Sherry Paulsen PICASSO 25/26 website
Geoffrey Harris TURNER 17 website
Michael Brown WARHOL 1 website
David Curles RODIN 12  
Katherine Linn LEWIS 8 website
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A. Cesar Nogueira EPSTEIN 6  
Royal Miree RENOIR 4/5 website
Richard Kolb RODIN 22  
Ronald Lemoine PICASSO 28  
Wayne Trinklein RENOIR 1 website
Brianna Martray WARHOL 23 website
Susan Clayton EPSTEIN 1 website
Joseph & Bridget Farmer ROCKWELL 7 website
Amy Lennard Gmelin ROCKWELL 11 website
Nnamdi Okonkwo RODIN 15 website
will grant PICASSO 38 website
David and Vicky Campbell WARHOL 3/4 website
hunter brown EPSTEIN 9  
Andrea Striewski MIRO 5  
Charles White RODIN 14 website
John Krieger PICASSO 30 website
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Godwin Kou WARHOL 25 website
Bob Osborne MIRO 15 website
Odie Tucker DARBY 11 website
Konstyantyn Sylin WARHOL 16 website
Witha Lacuesta WARHOL 30 website
Gary Curtis PICASSO 24 website
Keith Andry PICASSO 34 website
Rick Loudermilk WARHOL 6 website
Lesha Porche DEGAS 9 website
Nick Cantrell EPSTEIN 7 website
Theresia McInnis TURNER 19 website
M kemper DEGAS 14 website
Michael Davis LEWIS 13 website
Virginia Fergus MIRO 12 website
MaryAnn Cabot MIRO 7 website
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Ralph Thomas PICASSO 3  
Roger Scott MIRO 16 website
Peg Martinez LEWIS 6 website
tanya gerard EPSTEIN 4 website
David O'Neal WARHOL 12 website
matthew hatala PICASSO 22  
David Levy RODIN 1/2 website
Jon Hecker PICASSO 1 website
Thomas Dumke WARHOL 15 website
michael young DEGAS 1  
Larry Brown RODIN 18 website
Gene Jaeger WARHOL 20 website
Nathan Hunter DEGAS 4 website
Bill & Toni Palmer TURNER 14 website


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