2018 Artist Awards

Posted November 12, 2018

Aaron Hequembourg, Mixed Media, Renoir 2

Gloria McRoberts, Fiber/Leather, Rodin 10
Brooks Barrow, Sculpture, Turner 12
Christina Smith, Drawing, Miro 5
Don McWhorter, Ceramics, Picasso 29
Michael Paul Cole, Photography, Dali 2

Michael Bond, Printmaking/Graphics, Warhol 6
Casey Ginn, Ceramics, Warhol 24
Annette Hammer, Painting, Miro 14
Tim Peters, Ceramics, Picasso 31
Matthew Hatala, Wood, Picasso 22

John Kellum, Ceramics, Picasso 9
Lynn Fisher, Ceramics, Turner 10
Kreg Yingst, Printmaking/Graphics, Picasso 38
Jack Pine, Glass, Darby 2
Jean Yao, Fiber/Leather, Renoir 3

Kate Morgan, Mixed Media, Warhol 25
John Flemming, Fiber/Leather, Darby 13
Karen Libecap, Painting, O’Keeffe 2
Paige Whitcomb, Photography, Warhol 13
H.C. Porter, Mixed Media, Miro 8

Mark & Carol Reynolds, Sculpture, Picasso 18
Marek Majewski, Jewelry, Turner 11
Randal Spangler, Drawing, O’Keeffe 4
Linda Jones, Jewelry, Picasso 41
Julie Jerman-Melka, Jewelry, Rodin 18


2018 Artist Awards »

Best of Show, Awards of Distinction, Awards of Excellence, Awards of Honor, and Awards of Merit winners from the previous year’s festival are exempt from the jurying process for next year's Festival.

GGAF International Artist Abigail Nnaji on WUWF »

WUWF's Sandra Averhart talks with Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival 2018 Invited International Artist Abigail Nnaji from Nigeria. 

2018 Poster Design Selected »

The selected 2018 poster was designed by Michelle Corley. Michelle’s worked for 23 years as a graphic designer in practically every facet of advertising design, from logo development to digital design and broadcast production. 

2018 Invited International Artist: Abigail Nnaji »

The 2018 Invited International Artist is Abigail Nnaji, an artist from Abuja, Nigeria. Her style is influenced by the academic and constant exposure through cultural interactions. She believes that expression should not be restrictive, rather a freedom of exploration should be employed in the creative process.

2018 Emerging Artists Announced »

The Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival, in partnership with Artel Gallery, announce the artists selected for the Emerging Artists grant program.

2017 Artist Awards »

Harold Miller was awarded best of show for his sculpture. See the complete list…

GGAF International Artist Yume Matsuo on WUWF »

WUWF's Sandra Averhart talks with Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival 2017 Invited International Artist Yume Matsuo from Waykayama, Japan. Reaching World Peace By Making Circles.

2017 Invited International Artist: Yume Matsuo »

The 2017 Invited International Artist is Yume Matsuo, an artist from Japan. Born in 1986, Yume began drawing in her early childhood. Yume's home state, Wakayama, is the sister state of Florida.


Images and logos are available on the Media Resorces page.