Invited International Artist 2013

2013 Invited International Artist

Tri Suwarno

Indonesian Wayang Kulit puppet artist

Indonesian Wayang Kulit, or shadow puppet performance, is among the oldest and greatest story telling traditions in the world and lies close to the heart of Javanese culture. These elaborately decorated, flat puppets, made from water buffalo hide, cast spectacular shadows when used in the performance. The performances are usually based on classical literature, but often incorporate contemporary issues. They are always accompanied by a gamelan orchestra.

In 2003 The UNESCO offered wayang worldwide recognition for its excellence, cultural significance and importance by designating it as Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Tri Suwarno grew up in a family of wayang makers. As a child, he would sit on the veranda of his father’s workshop and make puppets. His family is trained in all aspects of puppet making. He will also be demonstrating his craft throughout the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival near the center gazebo.