Volunteer at the GGAF

The Festival could not happen if it were not for the great volunteers that come together each year. Join the fun and get involved. Online signup will be available in October.


The Festival could not happen if it were not for the great volunteers that come together each year. Join the fun and get involved. Sign up at SignUp.com.

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GGAF Volunteer Opportunities

Thursday Setup

This when the festival is laid out in Seville Square and starts to take shape. Groups are welcome. Set-up begins at 8 am, Thursday before the festival. Some limited set-up starts Wednesday afternoon.


The Gazebo in the middle of Seville Square is the operations center of the Festival. Artists and volunteers frequent the Gazebo to get a cup of coffee and a doughnut, to ask questions, to relay information, lost and found, etc. Volunteers monitor Gazebo activities and keep the coffee brewing! One person per shift.

Volunteer Check-In (Ages 18+)

At least two volunteers at a time are needed throughout the Festival at the check-in table next to the Gazebo. Responsibilities include checking in volunteers as they report and directing them to their shift location. Check-in table volunteers will assign Artist Relief volunteers to artists' booths according to requests on the "Artist Relief" request forms. The volunteer table occasionally receives requests for volunteers to respond to other needs around the festival., ie. watching the parking areas, etc.

Artist Relief (Ages 18+)

Volunteers give the artists time for a break to eat, to relax, to run an errand, etc.. Artist Relief volunteers wear a yellow vest while walking around the festival and can be flagged down by any artist who needs assistance. Artists also schedule relief by signing up at the volunteer check-in table. Volunteers will occupy an artist's booth and interact with the public (but do not handle money or sell art) for a period of up to thirty minutes. Artist relief shifts are two – four hours, Fri, Sat., Sun. The busiest times are between 10:30 – 2:30.

Saturday Awards Banners Set Up

Six volunteers are needed from 8 to 9 am to assist the Art Show Committee to mount and set out the flags and awards, which were announced on Friday night. Moderate lifting is involved.

Pepsi Booths (Ages 18+)

Responsibilities – Operate one of three Pepsi booths located around the Festival site. Sell soft drinks and water; keep counter dry and coolers filled with product and ice. 2 persons per shift.

Note: beer and other liquid refreshment areas have volunteer groups that work every year, so generally there are no openings in those areas. We can pass your name to those committees.

Children's Area Volunteer

Many of these positions involve helping children with art projects on Saturday and Sunday. Interested persons will be directed to the volunteer coordinator for that area.

T-Shirt Tent

Volunteers fold and sell GGAF shirts, along with souvenirs and posters, next to the Gazebo and at a table in Fountain Park.

Sunday Breakdown

Volunteers break down the festival, pick up litter and clean up Seville Square. Most of this activity will begin around 3:30 p.m. and ends at approximately 7 pm. Artists typically break down their own displays.

Monday Cleanup

Pack up festival equipment, and final cleanup of the area.